Book Series

Studies for the International Society for Cultural History

This series is published jointly by the International Society for Cultural History (ISCH) and Routledge.

In both research and teaching, the vitality of cultural history is burgeoning, with a variety of interpretations of culture cross-fertilising between disciplines – history, critical theory, literature and media, anthropology and ethnology, and many more.

This series focuses on the study of conceptual, affective and imaginative worlds of the past, and sees culture as encompassing both textual production and social practice. It seeks to highlight historical and cultural processes of meaning-making and explore the ways in which people of the past made sense of their world.

We welcome contributions that are theoretically informed, conceptually lucid and empirically grounded, relating to the cultural history of any time period or geographical area. We appreciate rethinking of cultural and historical concepts, methods, and theories, and encourage innovative writing and “experimental” history.

Submissions are invited from established scholars, as well as less experienced practitioners, working in the field of ‘cultural history’ in its most inclusive sense. Works accepted into the series will be scholarly monographs and collections of articles (80–100,000 words) of high quality and originality.

Series Editors:

  • Filippo Carlà-Uhink is Professor for Ancient History at the University of Potsdam, Germany. He has worked on Roman economy and society and on the cultural history of the Classical world. He has a strong research interest in Classical receptions, and in particular in the presence of Classical antiquity in modern popular culture and in nationalism and national identities. His most recent book is The ‘Birth’ of Italy: The Institutionalization of Italy as a Region in the Roman Republic (Berlin/Boston 2017).
  • Patryk Babiracki is Associate Professor in the History Department at the University of Texas at Arlington.

We invite submissions from established scholars and first-time authors alike. Prospective authors should send a detailed proposal with a rationale, chapter outlines and at least two sample chapters alongside a brief author’s biography and an anticipated submission date.

Send your proposals to:


The series will have a wide appeal to scholars working in Cultural History, whatever their disciplinary background. While the volumes will be scholarly works of primary research, they should be accessible to able undergraduates as well as postgraduate researchers and academics.

Book Series 2

ISCH publication series with Routledge

1. Statistics, Public Debate and the State, 1800-1945. A Social, Political and Intellectual History of Numbers by Jean-Guy Prvost, Jean-Pierre Beaud (2012)

“Based around a number of illustrative case studies, this book charts the development of our modern-day reliance on statistics. Topics covered include scientific innovations, administrative issues and the use of numbers in politics. By looking at these aspects of statistics together, the authors are able to present a truly original work.”
HB: 978 1 84893 296 8 : £95
PB: 978 1 138 66192 9 : £34
For more, see here.

2. A History of Emotions, 1200–1800 edited by Jonas Liliequist (2012)

“The history of emotions is an expanding field of research. The essays in this collection examine emotional responses to art and music, the role of emotions in contemporary notions of gender and sexuality, and theoretical questions as to their use. Bringing together a series ofcase-studies from points across the medieval and early modern periods,the authors in this volume provide fascinating glimpses into humanemotional experience across a variety of cultures.”
HB: 978 1 84893 356 9 : £95
PB: 978 1 138 66208 7 : £34
For more, see here.

3. A Cultural History of the Radical Sixties in the San Francisco Bay Area by Anthony Ashbolt (2013)

“The San Francisco Bay Area was a meeting point for radical politics and counterculture in the 1960s. But until now there has been little understanding of what made political culture in this area unique. This work explores the development of a regional culture of radicalism in the Bay Area, one that underpinned both political protest and the counterculture. Ashbolt argues that geography played a key role the development of radicalism in the region. His study makes an important contribution to the history of radical politics and offers a new way at looking at America in this period.”
HB: 978 1 84893 232 6 : £95
PB: 978 1 138 66172 1 : £34
For more, see here.

4. Breast Cancer in the Eighteenth Century by Marjo Kaartinen (2013)

“Early modern physicians and surgeons tried desperately to understand breast cancer, testing new medicines and radically improving operating techniques. In this study, the first of its kind, Kaartinen explores the emotional responses of patients and their families to the disease in the long eighteenth century.”
HB: 978 1 84893 364 4 : £95
PB: 978 1 138 66469 2 : £34
For more, see here.

5. Crime and the Fascist State, 1850-1940 by Tiago Pires Marques (2014)

“By studying the development of Italy’s penal system, Pires Marques provides valuable insights into the wider political culture of European society. Focusing on the rise of fascism in Spain and Portugal as well as Italy, he examines the role of religious, economic and political factors in the making of penal laws.”
HB: 978 1 84893 399 6 : £95
PB: 978 1 138 66222 3 : £34
For more, see here.

6. McLuhan’s Global Village Today. Transatlantic Perspectives by Angela Krewani (2014)

“Marshall McLuhan was one of the leading media theorists of the twentieth century. This collection of essays explores the many facets of McLuhan’s work from a transatlantic perspective, balancing applied case studies with theoretical discussions.”
HB: 978 1 84893 461 0 : £95
For more, see here.

7. Cultural Histories of Sociabilities, Spaces and Mobilities by Colin Divall (2015)

“For the majority of us the opportunity to travel has never been greater, yet differences in mobility highlight inequalities that have wider social implications. Exploring how and why attitudes towards movement have evolved across generations, the case studies in this essay collection range from medieval to modern times and cover several continents.”
HB: 978 1 84893 525 9 : £95
For more, see here.

8. A Cultural Study of Mary and the Annunciation. From Luke to the Enlightenment by Gary Waller (2015)

“This book traces the history of the Annunciation, exploring the deep and lasting impact of the event on the Western imagination. Waller explores the Annunciation from its appearance in Luke’s Gospel, to its rise to prominence in religious doctrine and popular culture, and its gradual decline in importance during the Enlightenment.”
HB: 978 1 84893 575 4 : £95
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9. Philosophies of Multiculturalism. Beyond Liberalism by Lus Cordeiro-Rodrigues and Marko Simendic (2017)

“This edited collection offers a comparative approach to the topic of multiculturalism, including different authors with contrasting arguments from different philosophical traditions and ideologies. It puts together perspectives that have been largely neglected as valid normative ways to address the political and moral questions that arise from the coexistence of different cultures in the same geographical space. The essays in this volume cover both historical perspectives, taking in the work of Hobbes, Tocqueville and Nietzsche among others, and contemporary Eastern and Western approaches, including Marxism, anarchism, Islam, Daoism, Indian and African philosophies.”
HB: 978 1 84893 606 5 : £95
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