Call for new Committee Members

Dear members of the International Society for Cultural History,

As the Umeå conference is approaching, we would like to inform you that, since Catherine Ng’s, Ecaterina Lung’s and Mauricio Sánchez Menchero’s terms expire this year, there is room for three new members to be elected to the ISCH committee, conforming to our constitution. (Potentially more, since not all vacancies were filled last year.)

According to our constitution:
6 (iv) candidates for election to the Committee must have been members of the Society for at least one year; and
6 (iii) former elected Committee members shall not be eligible for re-election until the lapse of one year.

Therefore, we would like to ask all of you to think about possible candidatures, either to run yourselves or to propose one of your colleagues.
Nominations need to be seconded by at least one more member. Please make sure that candidacies and supporting statements are received by the secretary no later than the 2nd of May 2017.

Names of all candidates will be posted to the society’s website.
Candidates are encouraged to submit a brief statement of their intentions what to contribute to the working of the ISCH committee, which will be included with the candidate list on the website.
If no more than three candidatures are presented, elections will not be held.

If we receive more, we will set up an election procedure, and during the month of May you will receive an e-mail giving you access to an online election site where you can cast your vote, selecting up to two individuals from the list. The system will be configured to guarantee a completely anonymous vote. The duration of the voting process will be one week, so the result can be declared at the annual general meeting in Umeå in June.

Only members who have duly paid their membership fee will be able to vote in the elections and therefore I urge all of those who have not yet paid the fee to do so. Those presenting in the upcoming conference are also urged to pay their membership fees as soon as possible.

Looking forward to receiving numerous candidatures and welcoming any further input from our valued membership, on the behalf of the committee,

Heta Aali
Secretary of the International Society for Cultural History