Cultural History in April 2014

The International Society for Cultural History (ISCH) is pleased to announce the publication of the third issue of Cultural History. View the table of Contents here, or the EUP subscription page here. Download the leaflet of the issue here.

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Cultural History promotes the work and aims of the International Society for Cultural History, which was founded in 2008. It generates discussion and debate on the nature of cultural history and current trends, and advances theoretical and methodological issues relating to the field. Cultural History promotes new and innovative questions about the past, and invites contributions from both advanced and junior scholars.

The intellectual shifts of recent decades have moved ‘culture’ to the forefront of academic attention while expanding the practice of ‘history’ beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Cultural History, the peer-reviewed journal of the International Society for Cultural History (ISCH), engages fully with these developments. The only journal in the world that takes cultural history in general as its chief concern, Cultural History welcomes high-quality submissions from any discipline that brings contemporary cultural theories and methodologies to bear on the study of the past, regardless of historical or geographical focus. The journal also invites articles that reflect on the ways in which more practical environments such as museums and the heritage industry engage with current debates in cultural history.