ISCH Announces Election Results for New Committee Members

isch_logoThe International Society for Cultural History (ISCH) is pleased to announce the results of its 2014 election to fill seats on the ISCH committee. We are pleased to welcome the new elected members:

[su_spoiler title=”Ecaterina Lung (University of Bucharest)” icon=”folder-1″]I am a medievalist, professor at the University of Bucharest and Director of the Centre for Medieval Studies at the same University. I am a founding member of the ISCH and I participated at the conferences in Ghent, Turku, Oslo, Lunéville and Istanbul.My research interests are the cultural history of the Early Middle Ages and also historiography and historical methodology. In this respect, I wrote the first Romanian book on Cultural History and I introduced a course on Cultural History at the University of Bucharest, perhaps the first one of this kind in Romania.If I am elected as a member of the Committee my main focus will be the successful organisation of the ISCH conference in Bucharest in 2015. I would like to help to promote ISCH in Romania, perhaps attract new members, and also in Central and Eastern Europe, where I am certain that we a have a good potential of developing the interest for Cultural History.[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”Mauricio Sánchez Menchero (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)” icon=”folder-1″]After four years that I have assisted at the ISCH Conferences in Turku, Oslo, Lunéville and Istanbul, I felt I should participating at the of the ISCH committee. I believe that I will be able to contribute to extend and consolidated the ISCH presence in my country, and other countries of Spanish language, through the promotion of their Conferences, Journals, books, etc. At the same time I think that is important promote meetings or seminars on a small scale, regardless of the annual conference, to reflect on issues of theory and methodology of cultural history.[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”Heta Aali (University of Turku)” icon=”folder-1″]

I am a Ph.D. student from the department of Cultural History from University of Turku and I have joined the International Society for Cultural History in 2011 and the same year I was co-opted in the Committee to take care the tasks of membership secretary. In 2012 was launched a new model for memberships, including the new Journal “Cultural History”, and my role as the membership secretary was to create new registers for memberships and to take care of sending the Journals to members. In 2013 I became the secretary of the Society and in this office I will continue until 2016.

As a elected member of the Committee, I will continue actively support and promote the growth and development of the Society. My tasks in managing the membership fees and Society’s Finnish accounts will continue and I will aim to make the membership easily accessible and worthwhile for all cultural historians all around the academic world. As the only Ph.D. student in the Committee, I will also pursue to make the Society known among students of Cultural History.[/su_spoiler]

The newly elected members will begin serving their term at the 2014 AGM in Johannesburg.

The incumbent committee would like to warmly thank the departing members of the committee, Philipp O. Amour, Seldağ Günes Peschke, Marius Kwint and Stephen Wallace, for all their effort, time and contribution for the Society. A special acknowledgement goes to David Smith, one of the founding members who in many roles contributed actively to the growth of the Society.