Are you interested in joining the ISCH committee? The committee positions of the Chair and the Secretary are open for applications (the three-year term starting at the earliest in the Annual General Meeting on 5 September 2024 during the Potsdam conference). There will also be several open positions for regular committee members, for a three-year term starting in 2025; to be eligible, you must have been an ISCH member recently. To apply, send a short presentation to the secretary ( at any time, or feel free to ask for more information.

The current members of the committee for the International Society for Cultural History are (in alphabetical order): Alessandro Arcangeli (elected), Filippo Carlà-Uhink (ex-officio), Christopher E. Forth (ex officio), Liisa-Maija Korhonen (elected), Jukka Kortti (elected), Liisa Lalu (elected), Ecaterina Lung (elected), Jasmin Lukkari (elected), Anna-Leena Perämäki (elected), Jörg Rogge (elected), Hannu Salmi (elected), Cathleen Sarti (elected), and Dana Weber (ex-officio).

Officers in 2023-24: Ecaterina Lung (Chair), Jasmin Lukkari (Secretary), Liisa-Maija Korhonen (Treasurer)

In 2019, the AGM of ISCH voted to forsake the president’s office.

Past Presidents: Peter Burke (2018-2019), Valerie Steele (2017-2018), Jonas Liliequist (2016-2017), Patrizia Dogliani (2015-2016), Ioan Pânzaru (2014-2015), Dina Burger (2013-2014), Hakan Ertin (2012-2013), Pascal Ory (2011-2012), Liv Emma Thorsen (2010-11), Keijo Virtanen (2009-10), Chris Dixon (2008-09)

ISCH committee in the Umeå conference in 2017

Journal Editors: Christopher E. Forth (editor-in-chief), Howard Chiang, Damien Kempf, Raita Merivirta, Kevin Morrison, Steven Schouten, Andy Willimott, Lik Hang Tsui (reviews editor), Nikolaos Papadogiannis (reviews editor).

Book Series Editors: Filippo Carlà-Uhink and Dana Weber