How to become a Member of the International Society for Cultural History?*

From now on a new annual membership will be payable which includes two numbers of Cultural History. For details of the contents of the first number click here. Other benefits of membership include possibility for conference participation and (if qualified) participation in the prize essay competition. In addition, members are entitled to a discount on all EUP books and journal subscriptions. Society Members receive a 20% discount to all EUP books, and a 10% discount on journal subscriptions.

Individual Membership:

The 2019 Individual membership fee (including printed journal and access to the electronic version) will be 48 Euro (waged) or 33 Euro (unwaged).

The 2019 Individual membership fee (e-journal only) will be 35 Euro (waged) or 20 Euro (unwaged).

Joint Membership:

Discounted price for couples. Both members enjoy full membership benefits, but only one set of publications is mailed: 72€ (waged couples) and 50€ (unwaged couples).

Joint membership for couples with only access to the e-journal will be 59 Euro (waged) or 37 Euro (unwaged).

If you subscribe for a joint membership, please indicate the members’ names to Cathleen Sarti.

Institutional Membership:

The 2019 price institutional membership fee is 96 euros (83 Euro with e-journal only). Please contact Cathleen Sarti for further information.

Payment Information:

  • Applicants from the Euro area should pay their fees directly into the Society’s journal account. The details are:
    Account name: International Society for Cultural History
    IBAN: FI26 3131 1000 9649 85
    Bank address: Handelsbanken, Raisiontori 1a 21200 Raisio, Finland
  • New members paying in this way should use their full name and address as the reference, if possible, and should also send the same details to the membership secretary, Cathleen Sarti. Old members who have already sent their details to the membership secretary should use their full name as a reference in the payment. To join the email list culthist, new members should send a message to Cathleen Sarti.

Paypal payment

When using PayPal, you may see that the receiver of the payment is “Kulttuurihistorian seura ry” instead of ISCH. That is alright, it is the Finnish daughter organization of ISCH to whom the PayPal account is registered.

Annual Membership

If you’re unable to make a payment, please contact treasurer Liisa Lalu for payment information.

New membership system: 17 January 2017.