The current members of the committee for the International Society for Cultural History are (in alphabetical order): Heta Aali (elected), Alessandro Arcangeli (ex officio), Filippo Carlà-Uhink (elected), Christopher E. Forth (ex officio), Liisa Lalu (co-opted), Ecaterina Lung (elected), Jasmin Lukkari (elected), Marina Montesano (elected), Maria Neklyudova (elected), Jörg Rogge (elected), Cathleen Sarti (elected),  Marek Tamm (elected), and Dana Weber (elected).

In 2019, the AGM of ISCH voted to forsake the president’s office.

Past Presidents: Peter Burke (2018-2019), Valerie Steele (2017-2018), Jonas Liliequist (2016-2017), Patrizia Dogliani (2015-2016), Ioan Pânzaru (2014-2015), Dina Burger (2013-2014), Hakan Ertin (2012-2013), Pascal Ory (2011-2012), Liv Emma Thorsen (2010-11), Keijo Virtanen (2009-10), Chris Dixon (2008-09)

Officers (elected in 2021): Ecaterina Lung (Chair), Jasmin Lukkari (Secretary), Liisa Lalu (Treasurer)
Essay Prize Committee: Alessandro Arcangeli (Chair of Essay Prize Committee), Harvey Green, Josephine Hoegaerts , and Mauricio Sánchez Menchero
Journal Editors: Christopher E. Forth (editor-in-chief), Patryk Babiracki, Howard Chiang , Damien Kempf, Kevin Morrison, Carolina Orloff, Steven Schouten, Kristine Steenbergh (reviews editor), Erin Sullivan , and Jan Frans van Dijkhuizen (reviews editor) 
Book Series Editors Filippo Carlà-Uhink and Howard Chiang
Members of the committees 2016 and 2017 at the Annual Gathering of the ISCH in Umeå, June 2017
From right to left:
Ecaterina Lung, Christopher E. Forth, Evy Johanne Håland, Jörg Rogge, Cathleen Sarti, Alessandro Arcangeli, and Liisa Lalu

General Meeting Minutes:

ISCH Annual General Meeting Minutes

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2011, August, Minutes of the AGM held in Oslo, Norway

2010, May: Minutes of the AGM held in Turku, Finland

2009, July: Minutes of the AGM held in Brisbane, Australia

2008, August: Minutes of the Founding General Meeting of in Ghent, Belgium

Committee Reports: 

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2011, August Report of the Committee to the AGM in Turku, Finland

2010, May Report of the Committee to the AGM in Turku

2009, July Report of the Committee to the AGM in Brisbane, Australia


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Accounts for 2010 approved at the AGM in Oslo

Accounts for 2009 approved at the AGM in Turku

Accounts for 2008 approved at the AGM in Brisbane